Yes, we can loan you that amount!

That has been our motto for over twenty years. Our clients have come to expect excellent customer service and quick cash loans, and rightfully so. Do we cater to your needs? You bet. Do we work with you, face-to-face? Yes, again. We know and understand the needs of our clients, and we respect the need for discretion and flexibility. 

Mortgage payment a little behind? Major automotive repair bill on the horizon? How about that new dress for the wife? We all have our priorities, and these priorities can surface more often than we would like. Fortunately, SCV Pawn has a solution: Let Santa Clarita's premier cash lender give you the cash you need using your valuables as collateral. We can loan you the cash that you need. Yes, we hand you cash, not checks - on the spot. No waiting, no visits to the bank -- no kidding. 

When you need a place to pawn jewelry in the Santa Clarita area; when you need to pawn your diamonds or pawn your guitars and musical instruments, we will give you a fair appraisal and a cash loan on the spot. You will get a cash loan without the wait and without the hassle of having to cash a check.